For lots of people the ongoing status of their holiday gift list can best be described as complicated. It is strewn between notes on their phone, Post-Its at home and at work, bookmarks in their browser (or browsers) and a bunch of Pinterest pins. Invariably this makes holiday gift shopping far more complicated than it should be and leads to forgotten and duplicate items.


To prevent that from happening to you this year start off now, before Black Friday, by giving yourself the gift of holiday gift shopping organization via a smartphone app.


Such an app is one of the best gifts you could give yourself this season and as the best ones range in price from free to about three bucks then it’ll be one of the most economical as well. At the same time by keeping your gift-buying more organized you’ll save yourself stress and money.


But which app should you choose? Here is a look at some of my favorites.




Available for IOS and Android 



Giftster is a great app if you are making lists that you want to keep seperate, ie: one for family, one for friends, one for coworkers etc. Not only can you create your own lists but you can also invite your recipients to join Giftster themselves and send you their wish lists. There is even a Secret Santa feature that helps make that often stressful task a little bit easier.


Perhaps better still Giftster is designed to be used throughout the year, so for the low price of zero cents you can add gift giving organization to your life for every occasion.


Santa’s Bag





It would be nice if Santa would show up and give you a hand with gift gathering, but he’s apparently busy right up until Christmas Eve, so the fact is the kids may think the gifts are from Santa but the reality is you’re on your own.


Santa’s Bag is a nice little app though. It’s simple, but colorful, interface helps you keep track of what people want, gifts you’ve purchased versus those you still need to track down and it keeps a close eye on your budget too, and alerts you if your spending is heading towards getting out of hand.







This app is one of the most comprehensive holiday gift organization apps you can opt for, and it remains useful all year round and from year to year too.


The app allows you to create profiles for your gift recipients and add things like clothing sizes, so you’ll always have that kind of crucial information on hand wherever you shop. It too keeps an eye on your budget, allowing you to set budgets per person and/or  per event, keeps gift histories so you don’t rebuy the same gift for someone, and tells you how close you are to accomplishing the purchase of everything on each list.


Christmas Gift List





This is a great app for those who have kids (or nosy partners) who love to try and spoil the surprises of the holiday season for themselves. It’s password protected, so your gift lists are hidden from prying eyes.


The app itself allows you to create gift lifts, individual budgets for every person on your list and will not only keep track of when you buy something but also when you wrap it as well. If a gift remains unpurchased, or unwrapped, by the deadline you set the app will remind you so you still have time to fix the issue.







You could say that this is a gift list app created with the forgetful in mind. It has all the basic features you need – a list maker, a budgeting tool, the ability to transfer bookmarks from browsers and social media – but that’s not all.  You can send gift cards right from the app, create personalized notes to send to your email to print out (or directly to your wireless printer) and if you’re awful at remembering what something is after it’s wrapped, you can snap a photo and store the info.












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