Not everyone loves – or can have – a real Christmas tree. The fact is that today’s artificial Christmas trees often now look so much like the real thing that it’s hard to tell from a distance that it’s not. Decorated right an artificial Christmas tree is every bit as beautiful as a real tree.

One thing that many people struggle with however is ‘fluffing’ their artificial tree out so it looks like a tree, rather than a random collection of wire branches.

No matter the size of your tree, proper fluffing will make it look full and gorgeous. To help you I’ve created a simple guide. Follow these simple steps on how to fluff and shape a Christmas tree to make it look fantastic this holiday season.

Take a Look at the Instruction Manual

Many artificial Christmas trees come with a set of instructions for shaping or fluffing. Keep it on hand in case you run into any snags. If yours did not, or you lost it years ago, you may be able to find one online.

Wear Cotton Gloves

This isn’t a must, but I recommend wearing a pair of gloves while you shape or fluff your artificial Christmas tree. Shaping your tree can be rough on your hands and gloves protect them from prickly tree needles.

Taya’s extra tip: By the way, if you’re working with a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights to check if all the bulbs work.

Find a Photo Reference

Search for photos of Christmas trees that have the shape you want. As you shape or fluff, compare your tree with the image. Use a photo of a live tree for a more natural look.

Shape From the Bottom Up

Start by securing the bottom section of the tree to the stand and check that every hinged branch falls into place. Then, spread each branch tip out and away from the main branch.
Begin with the tips nearest to the center pole. Fully fanned inner tips help cover gaps and prevent light from passing through. Then, check to see that the tree trunk isn’t exposed.

Once the inner tips are fluffed, move on to the outer needles. Check your photo reference for what direction they should point. Arrange your branches by alternating them in opposite vertical and horizontal directions. These don’t have to be perfectly aligned for a more natural look.

Shape the Tree by Section

Make sure that get most of your shaping done in one section before moving to the next. Carry on working upwards until you’re ready to shape the top of your tree.

Fluff the Top of the Tree

For the last section, position the topmost branches straight up to form a smooth slope. This enhances the triangular shape of your tree. If you’re using a tree topper, keep it in mind as you shape the branches. In fact, position your tree topper to see the actual effect before that ‘final fluff’

Stand Back and Admire Your Work

Take a step back and survey your work. Make a few extra fluffs here and there until you’re satisfied. Then give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

The last thing you need to do is beautify your tree with a decorating theme that’s all you. If you would like help with that part – or just holiday decorating in general – we are pleased to announce that in 2019 Just Organized by Taya is offering a specialist Houston holiday decorating service.

Our team of skilled decorators will be available this season to add seasonal beauty to homes and businesses across the Greater Houston area. Learn more about this effective, affordable service here.

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