Fall is here, winter is fast approaching, so we are all digging out cozy sweaters and scarves and getting ready to wave goodbye to summer t-shirts and shorts, not to mention those flimsy, but not inexpensive, summer dresses.  Making the seasonal swap in our closets can be a nightmare, especially if we have a lot of clothes.


We have to make room for sweaters and coats while finding a place to store our summer clothing. While it’s often tempting to simply load everything into a few plastic bags, it’s well worth taking the time to store them safely to prevent mold, moth damage or even discoloration of our favorite summer wear pieces.


Here are some of my top tips for summer clothing organization and storage.


Wash Everything First


The biggest mistake a lot of us make when it comes to summer clothing organization and storage is putting dirty clothes into storage. However, there is nothing moths and bacteria love more than the smell of sweet perfume or the remnants of food. So launder everything and ensure it’s all completely dry before storing anything.



Avoid Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags


Plastic seriously traps moisture, so if you had anything dry cleaned then make sure you take it out of the bag before you store it.  Failing to do so means you risk the plastic staining your clothes yellow because of trapped moist air in the bag.


Invest in Sealed Storage



After washing and folding your summer clothes, have sealable storage boxes or bags at the ready to pack them in. Make sure you leave a small gap between the top of the storage box and the lid to allow airflow to the clothes. For more delicate items, like silk summer dresses, sarongs or anything very special, remove all protective plastic and place them into cotton garment bags.



Use Moth Repellents to Protect Your Clothes



It is crucial that you pack moth repellents like lavender bags or cedar wood in your storage boxes as these natural products work really well to deter those dreaded moth holes in clothes.


Clever Summer Clothing Storage


Last but not least, if you are going to go to all that effort to protect your summer wardrobe then it’s nice to have somewhere beautiful to store them. Clever storage solutions such as window seating and under-bed storage can ensure your clothes are out of sight but still easily accessible.


As you put away your storage bags or boxes make sure you label them with their contents. This will take extra time now but will save you a lot of hassle when it’s time to reverse the summer clothing organization and storage process and get them all back out again in the spring!








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