For kids, Halloween is one of – if not the – most exciting holidays of the year. If you are a parent, on the other hand, it can be one of the most stressful.

Brainstorming, locating and assembling all the elements of great costumes. Gathering everyone together at an appropriate time to trick or treat, figuring out where to trick or treat. Trying to prevent your little ghouls and goblins from gobbling all the spoils of their evening’s candy hunt in a single session. In a nutshell, it can all be a bit much.

However, as most parents don’t want to deny their children the chance to enjoy the Halloween rituals they almost certainly did themselves as kids, no one wants to stymie the fun either. The good news is that with some pre-planning and organization Halloween this year does not have to be a nightmare. In fact, you may even get to have fun. Here are some Halloween tips:

Plan Costumes Early

Leaving costume planning to the last minute is a surefire way to add stress to your Halloween night, therefore planning them well in advance is a must. This does not just mean the theme and the basic costumes, but all the little extras as well, right down to the makeup and a plan for what might need to change if it rains or the weather takes a turn for the chillier.

Gather Those Treat Collectors

Every trick or treater needs a treat container. The obvious choice is one of those sturdy plastic pumpkins as they are roomy, inexpensive and easy to track down at the local dollar store. However, if the kids costume calls for something different, or they just want to stand out from the crowd there are some great ideas for DIY treat gatherers here. Just make sure they are completed by the time the big day comes around.

Make a Trick Or Treating Travel Plan

Decide where your trick or treating journey will take you well in advance as well. If you will also be attending parties (or the kids will) and other events like mall treat or treats figure those into the equation as well, so you can determine just how long you will be out.

On the Day

  • On the morning of Halloween lay out all costumes and make sure that everything is there. If something is missing, this way you still have a few hours to do something about it.
  • Have a healthy after-school snack ready. Have them eat a healthy snack before chasing out to gather candy. This way you can at least ensure that they’ll get something decent and won’t just fill up on junk (which they’ll have plenty of anyway).
  • Prepare an easy meal. A pot of chili or something similar that can sit in a crock pot so dinner-on-the-go can happen whenever it’s convenient. Throw to the wind any idea of having a pleasant sit-down meal on Halloween.
  • Get your Halloween hand-outs ready. Find a large bowl or decorative container like a cauldron and keep the trick-or-treat candy handy near the door.

After The Trip

Organize and Store the Trick or Treat Spoils

When you all return from your spooky excursion it’s important you organize the incoming candy deluge. Here are some tips:

  • Start by sorting it. Give your kids some zipper sandwich bags and let them sort and count it all up. Putting like kinds together will also help to keep the candy from getting that awful mixed candy taste and smell.
  • Store It Properly. Don’t mix treats that absorb moisture. For example, don’t mix hard candy with treats that lose moisture like fudge. Once the candy is sorted into bags store the bags in airtight containers and place them some place that they can be rationed sensibly over the next few weeks.
  • Freeze the Chocolate. Chocolate can be frozen for up to 6 months. The trick is to wrap it tightly with freezer wrap or bags and acclimate slowly in the fridge before freezing.
  • Proper Put-Away. After Halloween, take the time to store and organize costumes and decorations in sturdy, reusable storage containers. You will appreciate having it all organized when you pull it out again next year!

A little Halloween home organization can go a long way. Anything you can prepare before Halloween day chaos ensues will help to make this exciting day more enjoyable for everyone, even the grown ups.

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