You decided to have a Houston home organizer come in and help you declutter and organize your space (or are considering doing so soon.) Great move. Once the project is completed you’ll feel like you have a whole new home, and maybe even feel like a whole new person as well.

But the fact is home organization does not end once you wave your organizing professional goodbye and step back into your clean, clutter free space. Keeping your space organized and clutter-free is a job that never ends. But it does not have to be a particularly difficult or time-consuming one. Here are some tips to help you make sure that once your home is organized it stays that way.

Make Sure Everyone is Onboard

Unless you live alone, there are other people in your house who need to get on board with your new organization systems. Make sure that you walk all family members through what’s changed and that they understand what’s expected of them going forward to keep things organized.

This should not just apply to adults and older kids either, even little ones can get involved and learn some important lessons about being organized that will be valuable to them for life.

Make Sure You Follow Through

The first few days that people live in a newly organized home they usually do very well. They implement the organization plan very well and are still marveling at how much easier – and neater – things are. However, all too often, after a few weeks, people begin to backslide and return to their old bad habits.

To stop this from happening to you resolve from the start to take five to ten minutes a day to check that your new systems are being followed. Did you leave mail on the hall table when you came in instead of putting it in the new designated mail basket? Take a minute to put that right. Did your kid leave their backpack on the living room floor instead of hanging it in its proper place? Have them correct that.

Eventually, if you keep doing this, using all your new organization systems will become second nature, but it’s perfectly fine if it takes a little while for that to happen.

Make Sure You Shop Consciously

A lot of the clutter that ends up filling our homes comes from the fact that we simply shop too much, so becoming a more conscious shopper is key to remaining organized and keeping your home clutter free.

Before you hit up the store, check what you have and need. Having a plan will help eliminate impulse purchases — especially when sales try to get the best of you. One of the best ways to do this? Shop with a list. And as most of us have our phones with us all the time, a shopping list app is a great thing to add to yours, as a paper list is easy to lose or forget to bring with you. 

Beware of the temptation to fall for ‘bargains’ too. Often people buy too much stuff because it’s cheap. But if you don’t need it, it’s not a great buy at all, it’s just something else that you’ll eventually have to get rid of to maintain an uncluttered home.

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