Greenery is as much a part of home decor and interior design as any other element. But if you lack garden space exercising your green thumb can be hard. But it’s not impossible. If you try some some out-of-the-yard thinking you can garden anywhere and add living beauty to all kinds of spaces if you’re resourceful.

Get Vertical

No room for plants on your tiny apartment or condo patio? Take inspiration from the high-rises themselves. When there’s no room to spread out, go up.

You can make use of tiered planters and a trellis to create a living wall or a “room” divider on your balcony or add ‘wall pockets’ to grow small plants such as herbs. When you think of your outside walls as garden space, you suddenly have lots of room!

Think Outside the Window Box

Who says plants only grow in flowerbeds and in pots? Try creating a unique arrangement of washbasins, bowls, cookware, repurposed rain boots, previously loved furniture – nothing’s off limits for the innovative container gardener. And the effect can create some unique and stunning outdoor decor. To find unusual pieces to garden with try hitting your local flea market or thrift store or even checking your own attic.

Automate it

If you have neither the space nor the green thumb, an automatic garden may be right for you. There are several options available on the market right now – with more on the way. These are basically very stylish looking containers that also happen to contain everything you need to grow a lush garden with very little effort and very little space.

While there a number to choose from if you are a fan of the stainless steel look in the kitchen the Aero Harvest might be a great choice. It’s a sleek stainless steel gadget that allows you to grow an herb garden right on your countertop without the need for any gardening skills as it practically does everything for you. It even has a vacation mode to help ensure your plants will stay healthy when you are away.

Not ready for high tech gardening just yet? Fit a large wicker basket with a plant-friendly container filled with potting soil, and add your favorite herb and edible flower seeds. Soon you’ll have a low tech microgarden that’s useful, decorative, and different all in one. If you want to get really creative you can try something like the example below. 

Bring the Outdoors In

If you love greenery but lack green space, why not bring the garden inside? Add small potted trees to sitting areas. Integrate potted plants into your décor. Fill your foyer with foliage. You may not have much square footage, but you can transform the space you do have into a garden that flows from room to room. Just remember to provide your plants with the right soil and lighting conditions, water regularly … and enjoy!

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