The kitchen is the one room in the home that more homeowners want to improve more than any other. Every year people spends millions all over the world to remodel and redecorate kitchens that they would like to not only look better but become more functional too.

The costs of kitchen remodeling vary wildly according to the scope of the work and the quality of the materials used. a full kitchen remodel, one that replaces countertops, cabinets, appliances and utility items like sinks can be a very expensive undertaking.

Full kitchen remodels are also very disruptive, as they can take weeks to complete and for that time the kitchen, which is usually the busiest room in the home, is off limits and out of action.

An alternative to a full kitchen remodel is to tackle the project in a slightly different way and gradually redecorate, redefine and improve the room instead of doing the whole thing at once.

In addition, with a little creative thought and the help of a good interior designer many homeowners find that they may not need to gut the kitchen after all and that much of what is in place can be reworked to become more functional and attractive. Here are a few examples:

Cabinet Refacing or Repainting 

Replacing kitchen cabinets is one of the most expensive and disruptive aspects of a full kitchen remodel. The simple fact is though that many homeowners are dissatisfied with the exterior appearance of the cabinets in their kitchen and not with their location of function. In these cases cabinet refacing is a far more affordable and far less disruptive choice.

Cabinet refacing involves removing and replacing the cabinet doors without removing or replacing the cabinet ‘boxes’ themselves. Homeowners can also request that the workmen make a few changes to the interior that will improve function, like add an extra shelf but the basic ‘architecture’ of the cabinets remains the same.

Opting for cabinet refacing over cabinet replacement also often means that homeowners can afford to go for a slightly more expensive look than they could if they were having the cabinets completely replaced. It also means that their kitchens are only out of action for a few days rather than weeks.

An even easier, and sometimes even more creative way to refresh kitchen cabinets is to repaint them, a project that may only take a day or so and will allow you to get as bold as you like with color, patterns and even more advanced paint techniques like ragging and stenciling. 

Kitchen Sink Restoration

The sink is a hugely important part of any kitchen but it is not as easy to replace with a new model as a cooker or refrigerator are. The simple fact is that in many kitchens a sink does not need to be replaced, it simply needs to be restored and tweaked a little.

If the sink is of the older porcelain style a simple coat of special paint can be all it takes to restore it to its former gleaming glory (and homeowners can even change the color at this point if they like) Scratches and scrapes can be polished out of a stainless steel sink to restore those as well.

A change of faucets can make a huge difference to the appearance and the function of an existing kitchen sink. There are so many different types available even in a local home store these days it can be hard to make a final choice but that can only be a good thing!

A New Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash in a kitchen can make a big difference to its appearance as well. Replacing a plain backsplash with an attractive tile version can be an easy way to change the whole look of a kitchen in just about a day and you can get really creative even with the most inexpensive tile.

Homeowners can even improve the function of their kitchen when adding a new backsplash. There are now lighted backsplashes available that can be a great and very convenient way to add task lighting to a kitchen without taking up too much extra space or having to commission an electrician to run a lot of new wiring.


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