Do you ever look around your bedroom in the morning and think while it looks OK it feels a bit blah and boring? The furniture is nice, and mostly you like the color scheme you chose, but there is definitely something missing; your personality.

Even the most expertly designed bedroom can be rather blah if nothing in its decor reflects your personal style. Here then are some quick – and relatively inexpensive – ways you can inject more of YOU into your bedroom and add a little more pizzazz.

Add Awesome Artwork

Few of us forget to add art to the walls of our living rooms and kitchens, but the decor impact of awesome artwork is often forgotten when it comes to the bedroom. Go ahead and liven up those plain walls with your favorite stuff. A painting, a poster, great photos or even a cool-looking quilt. You’ll be adding immediate interest to the space and if you are feeling even more adventurous group several pieces together to create a gallery wall.

Bring on the Bling

What do you do when you want to add a little shot of extra pizzazz to your favorite outfits? Chances are you add a bit of bling. And it works every time. You can do the same in your bedroom. A few shiny touches, whether from metallics, glass or even sequins can make a big impact. Just make sure you edit yourself though, because while a bit of shine is a good thing too much metal can be overwhelming.

Add Color Contrasts

Neutrals are relaxing and calming, which is great for a bedroom, but without any contrast they can also be rather boring. There’s no need to get out your paintbrush or anything though, the simple addition of a few bright throw pillows can get the job done in minutes. It really does not matter what kind you choose, and they don’t even need to match, but as a general rule of thumb a group of three together looks best on most beds.

Let There Be Lovely Light

If your main ceiling light fixture is little more than a bulb in a frosted glass bowl then that’s the perfect spot to add something spectacular. Swap out your dull ceiling fixture for something spectacular. Even if you change nothing else in your bedroom, a bold ceiling fixture gives the space immediate panache.

Get Better Bedding

Your bedding should be one of the star’s of your bedroom decor and it offers the perfect opportunity to really express your personal taste.There are hundreds of options to choose from and so you are sure to be able to find something that appeals to your personal sense of style while fitting in with the rest of your bedroom decor. Just look for a strong color or pattern if you really want to bring your bedroom to life.

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