As the summer wraps up and fall approaches – fall officially begins on September 22! – there’s plenty to do in order to get your home- and your life – ready for the new season. Here’s a look at some fall home organization tasks you can get a start on right now, to get a jump on the busy fall and winter seasons.

Purge the Things You Didn’t Wear This Summer

This is a time of year when you should take a look at the clothes in your closet with a realistic eye. Chances are that there are more than a few things tucked in there that never saw the light of day this summer, and so there is no reason for them to go into seasonal storage because, let’s face it, you are never going to wear them again are you?

Clearing out these items will not only leave you more space right now but also when spring rolls around again next year. If some clothing is still in good shape, but it’s just not your thing anymore, consider listing it on a site like Poshmark, so you can make a few extra dollars to sock away for the holiday shopping you know is just a few weeks away!

Get Out of Season Items Into Storage

An organized closet should only contain in season items. That means you should start thinking about putting those light and airy spring and summer items away and bring out the more robust clothing you’ll need for the fall and winter.

If you store out of season clothing in labelled bins or boxes you’ll save yourself time when you need them again next year, so taking the time to do so really will be a good use of a few hours sometime very soon.

Brainstorm Some Space Saving Solutions

Sweaters, coats, scarves, and more tend to be much larger, physically, than their spring and summer counterparts and so you’ll need to free up extra space in your closet to accommodate them. Clever folding methods, cascading hangers and drawer dividers are all great ways to do this. For those bigger coats you’ll want to keep readily at hand and out of the closet shop for some beautiful hooks that can hold bulkier coats, so that your mudroom or hallway area looks less cluttered and more attractive.

Get a Headstart on the Holidays

As the holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, and the Christmas trees seem to go up three minutes after Halloween ends these days it never hurts to start looking at what you can do to save yourself some of that holiday stress.

There are lots of things you can start doing now. You can begin to set aside space for gift-wrapping supplies and move holiday decorations to a more accessible spot. If your guest room is used as overflow storage, start clearing it out as early as possible, so you can focus on more pressing matters (like setting out fresh linens) when those holiday visitors begin arriving.

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