There is probably no quicker way to give an entire room a quick facelift than to give it a coat of paint in a completely different color. This can be especially true if you are staging your home for sale, but it’s even more important when you are creating a new home decorating scheme for you and your family to enjoy.

No matter if you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you (the best idea for a great result) the choice of color in your home decorating will always be your decision to make. However, it can be a tricky one.

Why? Because, according to color experts and even psychologists, you should think beyond the mere visual when making that choice as different colors can evoke very different moods in a space and some shades may be better suited to the intended ‘ambiance’ of the space than others. Here are a few pointers:


Shades of blue are not only calming and soothing but they also improve concentration, making them an excellent choice for a home office space as well as for rooms where relaxation is the intended purpose, particularly the bedroom. Blue is also, however, said to reduce and suppress the appetite so it may not be the best choice for the kitchen or dining room, unless you are always on a diet!


Yellow shades can be trickier to incorporate into a home decor scheme than many other colors and given that it is a color that sharply divides opinion–some love it, many hate it, at least as a home decor option–making good use of it can be hard.

Yellow is said to to both boost the metabolism and provoke arguments so if you are going to make use of it at all you should do so carefully. However, used on an accent wall it can have a wonderful, happy and energizing effect that is truly striking. Choose a softer, buttery yellow and it can be used to create a bright, welcoming kitchen space too.


Shades of green, like their close relatives blues, are considered being calming colors but they also reflect a sense of nature and balance. Softer shades of green, especially if combined with other neutrals, can be a wonderful choice for the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom but when used as anything other than an accent color a bright green can be very hard to live with.


Have you ever noticed that a great many restaurants use an awful lot of red in their decor? There is actually more to that than just design choices though as red stimulates both excitement and the appetite.

Used in the home red can be an exciting and unexpected choice but it should be utilized sparingly, as there are very few people who could actually live with an all red room on a day-to-day basis.

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