Pendant lamps are a popular addition to kitchens everywhere these days. Pendant lamps are usually a single light, suspended form the ceiling by a rod or a chain. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are often the perfect way to add much needed task lighting to the kitchen as well as visual interest.

Modern Metals

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Modern pendant lamps crafted from metals like pewter or brushed nickel are very effective and popular for kitchen use. They have a sleek appearance that impresses without overpowering and such lamps can usually blend in with almost any décor it is added to.

This type of light is often best grouped in pairs, or even in threes, to provide excellent task lighting over a kitchen island or a dining table.

If a metal look modern pendant light appeals to you for kitchen use, with a little careful shopping around you should be able to find just the right shade to match the rest of the items in the kitchen which is especially important if you have several stainless steel appliances, which many modern kitchens do these days.

Standout Spotlights

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Pendant lamps in the kitchen do not have to be just the supporting players, you can also use them as the focal point for overall décor.

Tiffany style modern pendant lamps are excellent for this purpose and can add an extra dimension of beauty to a contemporary kitchen that might otherwise be rather plain and cold.

Another attractive option for kitchen use are pendant lamps that feature hand blown glass shades. You can find these shades in all kinds of interesting shapes, sizes and colors that can easily be matched to other décor elements in the room, such as a strikebreaking granite counter top or the color of the kitchen cabinets in the room.

How High?

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One question that homeowners ask most frequently when purchasing pendant lamps for the kitchen is what is the optimum height for them to be hung at to be most functional and attractive.

The most important thing is that they not interfere with either the use of the counter or dining space below them or the line of sight of those working or eating below them. Although it will vary from kitchen to kitchen a good standard rule of thumb to follow is to hang pendant lamps about 36 inches above a countertop or table and about 5 ½ feet above the floor.

This placement allows the light to illuminate the space effectively without impeding the activity below. If the intention of the homeowner is to use two or more pendant lamps together to illuminate a larger kitchen counter top or kitchen island it is also important that they be evenly placed to avoid creating a disjointed look.

Taking the time to measure out the optimum distance between them properly before they are hung is certainly an hour or so well spent if the finished look is the one you were hoping for.

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