Lanterns have (probably) been used in homes all over the world since homes were caves. And yet thousands of years later they remain popular, even long after domestic electrical lighting became the norm. Today’s home decorating trends include lanterns as a part of modern day décor while in years gone by people had no choice!

There are some great reasons why these home decor additions endure though. There are so many great uses you can put lanterns to in and around your home and so many styles and function choices available that the possibilities are almost endless. Here though are just a few ideas:

Light the Way Home

The entrance to your home needs to be lit after dark if for no other reason than safety and security. That does not have to mean that you cannot be a little creative with your illuminations though.

If you have steps or a staircase leading up to your front door placing lanterns at the side can add a beautiful welcoming touch and visual charm.

If you are lighting the way for a special occasion (a dinner party perhaps) you can opt for simple candles lantern options. If on the other hand you are looking for something to be used regularly an LED or solar lantern might be a better choice.

Adding Light to a Dark Hallway

Many homes have a hallway that is perfectly well lit during the day but can get a little dim at night, even with a central light fitting. Placing them on a small table or even on a wall shelf you can use lanterns to illuminate those darker corners where the central light does not quite reach and add a little extra visual interest to impress first-time visitors to your home!

Think Outside the Box

Lanterns are so versatile that we can use them in some very creative ways with a little imagination.

For example, this dining table is illuminated by lanterns strung (securely) from a simple old ladder affixed to the ceiling. The effect is so striking and elegant and yet unusual that guests are bound to be fascinated. You can achieve a similar look in your kitchen by illuminating a kitchen island this way.

Lanterns are also wonderful when paired together in groups to create a visual display–in a bare bay windowsill perhaps–to create a home decor look that is both stunning to behold and serves a practical purpose when needed.

Outdoor Lanterns

Once you take them outside, the decor possibilities that lanterns can offer are amazing. From solar lanterns that will soak up the sun all day so they can burn all night (without costing you a dime) to hanging jar lanterns that are easy to make yourself you can use outdoor lanterns to create almost any ‘vibe’ you want, from fairy like magic to sophisticated chic.

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