Arranging Living Room

Arranging living room furniture plays a pivotal role in the look and comfort of your home. Because it is the most integral part of our home, living room decoration takes time and a lot of thoughtfulness. No need to stress this blog will get you started in the right direction.

arranging living roomNot only does your living room give the first impression of your house, it is also the room that allows access to all the other rooms. So living room furniture needs to be beautiful and elegant, as well as comfortable and roomy to allow free movement to and from other rooms. Arranging furniture in the living room is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. Often, despite having a layout in mind, it does not come out the way we want it to be. Here at Just Organized by Taya we have experienced Home Stagers that can stage for the Houston market and offer you expert tips for arranging living room furniture as well as creating a focal point.

Step 1 Create a Furniture Layout

Measure the room and draw a sketch on graph paper using a scale of ¼ to 1 ft. Mark the location of windows and doors in the living room, their size, the height of the window sills, and the distance between the windows and the doors. Try to note the location of the cable and light switches, sockets and outlets, and telephone in the living room so you can plan your furniture practically.

Step 2 Creating a Focal Point

Professional home staging experts always start by identifying or creating a focal point in your living room. Select a focal point and arrange the furniture and lighting to enhance it. Some interesting focal points your room may have includes a window opening to a garden or a fireplace. If you do not have a natural feature like gorgeous windows with a view or a fireplace, you can create one of your own. Decorate a mantel or a dresser, install a bookcase, paint a wall, and decorate with pictures or artwork. Less is more when it comes to home staging when accessorizing, always go bigger than smaller and group items in clusters, try groups of 3-5. You can also make one of the corners of the living room your focal point by displaying a tabletop waterfall, a beautiful lamp, or other decorative pieces in that corner with some creative lighting to highlight it.When using, lamps try to use pairs as it lends to a more cohesive look.

Step 3 Allow for Moving Space

For the main area where you plan to seat guests and converse with them, aim for at least 4 and up to 10 feet of space between the sofa and chairs so your guests can relax comfortably. If the space between the couch and chairs less than 4 feet, it will make the room look cramped. Too large a distance will make it difficult for people to communicate. Make sure the leg space between the couch and the coffee table is at least 14 to 18 inches. Pathways should be 2 to 3 feet wide so you can comfortably walk into the living room without hitting or stumbling into furniture. If you have a lot of furniture here you may want to downsize a bit, to show the full scale of the room.

Step 4 Maximize Space in Smaller Living Rooms

Stay in the same style family and stage for the space you have. Pay attention to the visual weight of furniture and not just its size. Light colored furniture can make a small living room appear bigger while darker furniture can help a large living room appear more intimate lend a cozier feel. Try to avoid mixing heavy cabinets which can have a more traditional look with modern looking sleek metallic chairs, it will just look off and possibly confuse potential buyers. Always strive for balance it may make more sense to use two small end tables rather than one large coffee table for the center of the room. Try keeping the number of pieces in your living room furniture layout low to avoid an overloaded or clogged look. These living room design ideas are sure to help you create a unique and beautiful living room layout without making it look cluttered, overstuffed, or bare and uninteresting.

Author: Taya

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