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There will probably never be such a thing as an ‘easy’ move, as picking up and moving years of your life from one place to another is fraught with all kinds of stresses and problems.

There are, however, some relatively small, but often overlooked things you can do to make the whole process of moving to your new home easier and more efficient. Here’s a look at some of the most useful.

Make the DIY vs Pro Decisions Early

Anyone planning a home move has a basic choice to make that will affect every other element of the undertaking; are you going to do it yourself or hire a professional moving company?

There are pros and cons attached to each option, and the final decision is personal. However, it is a decision that should be made early so that planning the rest of the move goes as smoothly as possible. If you are going to go pro, make sure you get at least three estimates and read all the fine print before you commit to anything.

Pack Early and Often

If you have more than a month or so before moving, it can be tempting to put off packing until the move date is a little closer, as you have so many other things going on. That is usually a big mistake, though, and often leads to unnecessary, stressful scrambling as the big day draws nearer.

Make a resolution that you will pack at least one box a day, and be prepared to exercise a little discipline about exactly what makes it into those boxes. Moving home is a great way to finally let go of some of the clutter that most of us hoard away over time. If you have not used (or even seen) something for over a year, unless it is a family heirloom, it probably does not need to make the trip with you.

Document all of Your Hookups

Most homeowners have tons of electronic equipment to move these days, much of which has been in place–and all hooked up together for a long time. You can save yourself a lot of frustration once you are in your new home if you snap a few pictures that document the way you have all of those gadgets hooked up right now so that recreating the setup in your new space is a lot easier.

You can make things even easier if you then ensure that all the components that go together, stay together as you move them. For example, the wires and cables that are essential to the function of your TV as not only a way to watch your favorite cable TV programs but also to stream your Netflix favorites and play video games can all be placed in a single Ziploc bag that can then be ziptied to the TV itself.

Take the Insurance

Whether you have hired a professional moving company or are renting a U-Haul type van and are moving yourself, they will usually offer you the opportunity to take out full value insurance protection. Before you dismiss it as an unnecessary extra expense, compare its cost to how much it would take to replace your most valuable items if they were damaged. Usually, when looked at like this, purchasing the extra insurance starts to make more sense.

Kids, Pets and Moving Don’t Mix

Moving is certainly not child’s play, and it can be super stressful (and scary) for pets as well. With this mind, it really will be better for everyone if children and pets are kept away from the proceedings on moving day as much as possible.

If that really is not feasible, designate a space in both the old and the new home where they can all safely play undisturbed and won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Consider Getting Professional Help

Both packing and unpacking – and the decluttering before packing – are usually the hardest tasks involved in any move. Not just the physical labor, but actually finding the time, especially when it comes to unpacking. Lots of people still have boxes in their garages and basements months, and even years, after they move because on the rare occasions they could find the time to unpack them they just don’t have the energy.

Working with a professional organizer can help, a LOT. A professional organizer can help you sort through the clutter as you pack – acting as a sensible advisor as to what should stay and what should go – while also helping ensure that the way you pack what is coming with you is as organized and efficient as possible.

On the ‘other end’, once you are in your new home, your professional organizer can take charge of the unpacking, help you determine the best use of your existing furniture in your new space, and much more. Basically, we can serve as the ‘moving fairy’ that everyone wishes they had when they realize just what hard work moving is!

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