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Professional organizing – and professional organizers – are bigger news than ever, mainly thanks to the Marie Kondo and The Home Edit shows on TV and all the discussion they created. And buoyed by good intentions and the amazing transformations on those shows, lots of people – maybe even including some of your friends and family – are looking to professional organizers in to help get their home in shape, their office organized and their everyday life back on track.

But you’re not one of those people. You like your clutter. Someone told you – or maybe it was in a Facebook meme – that disorganized people are creative and cool. That a messy desk is a good thing because it shows you’re too smart to care about clutter. Or something like that.

As I am a professional organizer, you might think I’m writing this post today to change your mind. But I’m not. I’m actually here to agree with you. You don’t need a professional organizer (and TBH I’m fine with an extra few hours to myself too) In fact I’m going to give you some great reasons why you don’t need a professional organizer, so that when your annoying friends suggest you might, you’ll have something to come back with to shut them up:

Clutter at Work is Creative

Back to that creative thing. You’re right, there are a bunch of Facebook memes and Buzzfeed quizzes that proclaim that a messy desk is creative. And we all know how accurate Buzzfeed quizzes are. The problem is that your boss doesn’t work for Buzzfeed and every time she walks past your messy desk – or spots it on a Zoom call-   she’s less than impressed. But that’s OK, right?

She just doesn’t get you. You probably won’t get that promotion, but who needs that pressure anyway? Why do I say that? A CareerBuilder study found that 28% of employers are less likely to promote someone with a messy workspace. But, again, what do they know?

You Don’t Mind Wasting Money

Sometimes you put something somewhere, can’t find it, and have to buy another, right? Like the dog’s leash, that yoga mat, those cool little in-ear headphones. They are there somewhere, but finding them is something you don’t have time for. So you buy more. Ok, it’s a bit of a waste of money – well a lot if you actually add it up – but hiring someone to sort all that clutter out probably costs more, right?

You Fight With Your Spouse Anyway

Yes, your partner gets mad about the clutter sometimes. And yes, you fight about it. But couples fight anyway, so it’s not exactly unusual.

That’s true, but studies have shown that hoarders have higher rates of divorce. That probably won’t apply to you, though.

Your Kids Are Just Annoying

So Junior is mad because he gave you the letter about joining band and it got lost, and now he can’t. And your daughter missed that audition because that notice got lost and neither of you could remember when it was. She can’t find that new jacket either (the hall is a bit messy) which is a bit of a problem, but hey, it’ll show up.

Yes, your kids get mad about your lack of organization at times, but they’re kids, they are supposed to be a bit annoying. The National Institute of Mental Health did find that kids living in a severely cluttered environment often have elevated levels of distress, experiencing less happiness and more difficulty making friends. But that does not apply to your children (right?)

Who Wants Company Anyway?

In a Rubbermaid survey conducted by Russell Research, nearly half of surveyed homeowners said they won’t invite friends over if their home is cluttered. And that one you can agree with, actually, as it’s been a long time since you’ve had anyone over, even your mother. But who needs the hassle of that anyway? You can always go to theirs.

Obviously, I wrote this post with my tongue firmly embedded in my cheek. I don’t really think that anyone wants to fight with their partner, upset their kids or miss out on a promotion at work. I don’t think anyone enjoys clutter. What I do think is that lots of people just don’t know where to start or how to find help.

Calling a professional organizer for help organizing your home, your office and/or your life does not make you a bad person. It’s something people from all walks of life do. Get the help they need to get organized and, once they are, some help learning to stay that way. And no, as a professional organizer, I don’t care how disorganized you are. I don’t judge. Life gets busy, clutter happens. I just want to help and, if I can help you, give me call, we’ll figure this all out together.

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