5 Massive Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring a Home Stager

When it comes to staging a property in Houston,Texas to facilitate quicker sale at a higher price, you have to carefully search for a home stager that you can trust.

With a project as big as home because for most people, their homes are their largest and most important assets. It is always worth it to get a stager that has lots of experience under his belt.


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Mistakes Homeowners Make

1. Focusing on price

The amount being charged by a Houston home stager should be the last thing to worry yourself about. If you decide to save a few hundred dollars by going for a cheaper stager, if he/she makes a mistake or gives you wrong advice, you will lose more than the few hundred dollars which you wanted to save initially.

Remember the end goal, you want the home to sell for top dollar. The loss could be as much as tens of thousands, if not more in some cases. See the amount paid to the stager as an investment and it wouldn’t bother you as much. Get the best quality home stager you can and the result will reflect whatever they charge.

Better Business Bureau AccreditedFor the first consultation, a professional home stager in Houston will expect to earn within $250 -$500 for occupied property consultations and $75 an up for vacant property consultations  Beware of stagers who offer you quote significantly less than this, especially if the property is one that could bring about a profit of $10,000 – $70000


Factors such as geographic location and stager’s experience influence the rates of stagers. Notwithstanding, a stager should not be hired just because his/her fee is ridiculously cheap. You get value for your money and like almost every other aspect of life; you get what you pay for.

2. Looking for credentials

This is another mistake commonly done by home owners. The fact is, there are no credentials, governing body or official organization in charge of home stagers. There is no mandatory accreditation or licensing which stagers aspire to.

The letters seen after the name of a stager is just a marketing technique. In my opinion, I’d say you should put in more effort trying to look for local testimonials of past clients rather than look for credentials that don’t exist. Stagers should also be able to show you before and after photos of projects they’ve handled in the past.

3. Hiring someone without looking at a website or portfolio

It is crucial that you ask for before and after pictures because that is the only way you can know what to expect from the home stager. When presented with the portfolio, ask questions. Some companies provide sample portfolios to students as part of the training package.

The questions you are asking are questions that help ascertain that the stager presenting the picture actually did the work in the picture. Beware of stagers that can’t answer specific questions about the pictures they have provided.

You have to question their commitment and seriousness towards their business if you can’t find their website or any online proof that they exist. If their website on the other hand is existent but looks unprofessional, you have to wonder about their ability to handle your project the way you want.

4. Not looking for references or a proven track record

You shouldn’t hire a home stager without knowing the experience of those who worked with him/her before you. The testimonies on their website are for you to read and make decisions if you are okay with what you see.

Also, if the testimonials don’t have names attached to each testimony, or if the testimonials have only initials, do not take it too seriously. Ask the stager for references.

Best Of Houzz 2016 Service AwardIt is true that no one starts with experience. Everyone has to start somewhere. If the stager is new to the business, he should at least be honest enough to tell you.


At this point, he should be able to tell you about personal properties he has worked on and sold and must have real estate agents who can testify to this. The whole concept is to look for practical experiences you can bank on.




5. Neglecting to hire someone with real knowledge of the real estate market

The stager you need is one with knowledge about the local Houston real estate market and not just someone who can decorate a place. The home stager should have a good understanding of the local market and must be a participant themselves, either as an agent or any other portfolio. Get a home stager that understands the concept of real estate market and if the one you have doesn’t know, get another.

You have to be extra careful when it comes to hiring a home stager because there is no professional boy checking the conducts of stagers to ensure they act in a professional manner. If you are able to avoid the mistakes explained above, you will almost certainly be happy with the outcome of any stager you higher.

Happy “Home Stager” Hunting!Houston Home Staing Pro

Mistakes Homeowners

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