The trend to add open shelving to a kitchen space has been hot in home decor circles for a while now, and isn’t showing any signs of cooling off. Shelving can be a great option if you need to inject both style and function to your kitchen space, as the more storage space you can add – without adding clutter or overwhelming the space – the more organized your kitchen will stay.

While very important, better home organization is not the only reason to consider adding an open shelving system to your kitchen.

It’s Very Flexible

Open shelving systems are very flexible. You can start small and ease your way into a larger setup, something that is very useful if you are not too sure how well you’ll fare keeping everything neat and tidy.

Begin with just a shelf or two and if you find you like the look a custom shelving system will even allow you to replace some of your kitchen cabinets with true open shelves, a look that is very ‘in’ right now.

Great for Filling Odd Spaces

Open shelving is an excellent storage and decor option if your kitchen has some odd, unusable space. You can, for instance, find custom shelving that will help you make better use of the space around a door frame, allowing you to add efficient and attractive storage in a place you may never have considered could be so useful.

You’re a Shelfies Fan

If you have ever used Instagram or Pinterest regularly (and let’s face it most of us have) you may be familiar with the ‘shelfies’ trend. If you are not these are great images of shelf vignettes, which, in home decorating, is a small grouping of objects that create an attractive focal point and “tells a story”. Open shelves make them easy to create and easy to rearrange when you want to try something else.

Open Shelving in the Kitchen is Super Convenient

If you entertain and cook a lot, open shelving systems in the kitchen offer you the ultimate convenience. It’s a real boon to have all of your kitchen items visible and easy-to-grab at all times. Guests can also easily find whatever they might need, and you’ll never have to worry about remembering what cupboard you stashed your Gran’s best china in before your next formal dinner.

Shelving Systems are Affordable

Kitchen looking and feeling cramped but a big kitchen refit is out of your budget? If you have ever looked into doing a kitchen remodel, you’ll know that the new cabinetry is one of the largest expenses involved in such a project.

Going with an open shelving system in your kitchen can save you quite a bit of money without you having to sacrifice anything in the way of form or function, meaning that remodel may not be as far out of your budgetary reach as you thought.

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