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Our Ultimate Guide to Tidiness and Tranquility

Ah, the elusive goal of a perfectly organized home. We’ve all been there—after scrolling through Pinterest or binge-watching home organization shows, we’re suddenly overcome with the desire to declutter and rearrange. Yet, the thought of tackling the entire house can be overwhelming.

Fear not! With these 100 quick and actionable tips, you’ll transform your home into an oasis of order and peace in no time. And if you find yourself in need of a guiding hand, Just Organized by Taya is always here to help.

The Entryway

organized entryway
  • Use a Shoe Rack: Immediately reduce clutter by having a designated space for shoes. Say goodbye to tripping over them!
  • Install Hooks: Use wall hooks for coats, hats, and umbrellas. Make it easy to hang things up when you walk in.
  • Small Table or Bench: A piece of furniture here is not just decorative—it’s functional. Drop your keys and mail here.
  • Label Bins for Seasonal Items: Winter scarves or summer hats should have a specific bin. Rotate them as the seasons change.
  • Update the Welcome Mat: Believe it or not, an inviting welcome mat sets the tone. Plus, it’s the first step to keeping dirt out.

Living Room

  • Declutter Coffee Table: Keep only the essentials and maybe a decorative item or two. Less is more.
  • Use Ottoman with Storage: A smart way to have extra seating and storage. Hide away blankets or board games.
  • Floating Shelves: Utilize vertical space to display items and books. It will free up floor space.
  • Sort Through Magazines: Keep only the ones you will actually read. Recycle the rest.
  • Cable Management: Invest in cable organizers to keep cords neat and out of sight.

Need a complete living room transformation? Just Organized by Taya can help you declutter, reorganize and redesign your living space to be both functional and inviting.


  • Use Drawer Dividers: Separate utensils and make it easy to find what you need.
  • Clear Counter Space: Store appliances you don’t use daily. A clean counter is a happy counter.
  • Label Spices: No more sniff tests. You’ll know exactly what you’re reaching for.
  • Utilize Door Space: Hang a rack on the pantry or cabinet door for extra storage.
  • Plan a Weekly Meal Menu: Stick it on the fridge. You’ll reduce food waste and cut down on those last-minute takeout costs.

Dining Room

  • Table Settings: Only keep what you actually use. Less clutter, easier life.
  • China Display: If you have a china cabinet, arrange the items in it by frequency of use.
  • Serving Cart: A portable serving cart is versatile. Use it for serving or extra storage.
  • High Shelves for Rarely Used Items: Items like holiday decorations can go up high.
  • Tablecloth and Runner Storage: Roll them up and store vertically to reduce wrinkles and use less space.

Transforming your dining area into a space of functionality and serenity is one of our specialties at Just Organized by Taya. If you need help with yours, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


  • Use Over-the-Toilet Storage: A shelf or cabinet here can hold extra towels and toiletries.
  • Drawer Organizers: Use these for your toiletries and beauty products.
  • Hang Towel Racks: Use the back of the door or empty wall space.
  • Store Cleaning Supplies Out of Sight: Keep a caddy under the sink to make clean-ups quicker.
  • Declutter Makeup: Throw out expired products and keep daily essentials within easy reach.


  • Under-the-Bed Storage: Use bins or drawers for seasonal clothes, extra bedding, or shoes.
  • Nightstand Essentials: Keep only what you need—a lamp, a book, and maybe a glass of water.
  • Fold Clothes Efficiently: Use the KonMari method or whatever works for you. More drawer space awaits.
  • Install a Hook on the Wall: For your next day’s outfit. Planning ahead saves time in the morning.
  • Jewelry Organizer: Use a jewelry box or even a hanging organizer for your necklaces and bracelets.

If your bedroom has become more stressful than restful, it may be time for a professional organizational touch. At Just Organized by Taya, we can help create your dream sleep sanctuary. Contact us today to learn more.

Home Office

summer home office
  • Designate a Paper Zone: All your bills and important documents should have one spot.
  • Digitalize: Scan what you can and shred what you don’t need.
  • Use a Filing System: Label folders and keep them within arm’s reach.
  • Utilize Wall Space: Install shelves or a pegboard for supplies.
  • Clear Desk Policy: End each day with a clean desk. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.


Garage Organization
  • Zone Your Garage: Car supplies, tools, seasonal décor—each should have a designated area.
  • Use Ceiling Racks: Great for storing things you don’t often use.
  • Label Everything: Yes, even nuts and bolts. You never know when you’ll need them.
  • Invest in Quality Storage Shelves: Don’t skimp here. You need something durable.
  • Have a Trash and Recycling Area: This makes it easy to discard items immediately.

Outdoor Areas

  • Use Weather-Resistant Storage Boxes: For cushions and outdoor toys.
  • Vertical Planters: Great for small patios or balconies.
  • Shoe Tray by the Door: Keep mud and dirt out.
  • Have a BBQ Zone: Keep all grilling items together for ease.
  • Invest in a Hose Reel: No more tripping over the garden hose.

Laundry Room

  • Use a Cart: Keep your detergents and softeners mobile.
  • Have a Lost & Found Bin: For all those lonely socks.
  • Install a Drying Rack: Saves space and energy.
  • Keep a Change Jar: You’ll always find coins in pockets.
  • Schedule Laundry Days: Stick to a schedule to avoid the pile-up.

Feeling overwhelmed? From the garage to the bedroom, Just Organized by Taya offers comprehensive home organization services to make your life simpler and your home more peaceful.

General Home and Life Organization Tips

  • Routine Clean-ups: Daily 15-minute clean-ups can go a long way.
  • Use a Label Maker: Yes, it’s fun. Plus, it’s functional.
  • Involve the Family: Make it a family affair. Even little kids can help.
  • Donate Regularly: If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t.
  • First In, First Out: Practice this in your pantry to avoid expired goods.
  • Be Mindful of What You Bring In: The less stuff, the less you have to organize.
  • The One-Minute Rule: If it takes less than a minute to do, do it now.
  • Keep a Donation Box: As soon as you decide you don’t need something, in it goes.
  • Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture: Such as beds with drawers or desks with built-in storage.
  • Vertical Storage: Think tall, not wide, when buying storage units.
  • Invest in Quality: Cheap organizers will break and cause more clutter.
  • Inventory Check: Regularly review what you have, especially in the kitchen and garage.
  • Daily To-Do List: Stay on track and feel accomplished.
  • Clear Bins for Visibility: You’re more likely to use what you can see.
  • Use Uniform Hangers: It makes your closet look organized instantly.
  • Ziplock Bags for Travel: Use them for toiletries, snacks, and even cords when traveling.
  • Rotate Toys: Keep a few out and the rest stored. Rotate every few weeks.
  • Backseat Organizer: Essential for families. Keep kids’ items sorted in the car.
  • Roll, Don’t Fold, in Suitcases: You’ll fit more, and items will have fewer wrinkles.
  • Use Your Oven for Storage: Only if it’s off and cool, but a great spot for pots and pans.
  • Grocery List App: Shareable between family members.
  • Clean as You Go: Especially in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Use a Calendar: Digital or paper, it’s your choice. But use one.
  • Wall-mounted Laundry Hampers: Saves floor space.
  • Set Timers for Tasks: Try the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Corral Chargers in a Box: Label each for different devices.
  • Use an App for Reminders: Like watering plants or changing air filters.
  • Nesting Bowls: Saves cabinet space.
  • Use a Lazy Susan: Great in the pantry or even the fridge.
  • Chalkboard or Whiteboard: For family notes and reminders.
  • Remote Control Caddy: Never lose a remote again.
  • Designate a Gift-Wrapping Drawer: Store everything you need for wrapping gifts.
  • Sort Medicine by Category: Allergies, colds, first aid, etc.
  • Invest in Matching Containers: For pantry items like flour, sugar, and cereal.
  • S-hooks in the Closet: Great for hanging bags and scarves.
  • Use Dividers for Bakeware: Sort by type and size for easy access.
  • Store Manuals and Warranties in Binders: Use plastic sheet protectors for easy storage.
  • Magnetic Strips: Use them in the bathroom for bobby pins or in the garage for tools.
  • Tiered Storage in Bathroom: For toiletries and towels.
  • Use Tension Rods Under the Sink: For hanging cleaning supplies.
  • Store Bed Linens in Pillow Cases: Easy to grab and go.
  • Install a Pull-out Pantry: Space-saving and convenient.
  • Refrigerator Mats: Easy to clean and adds a pop of color.
  • Drawer Liners: Keeps drawers clean and adds a decorative touch.
  • Keep a Basket for Each Family Member: Easy for transporting items back to their rooms.
  • Baskets, Baskets, Baskets: They’re your best friend for quick clean-ups.
  • Use a Receipt-Scanning App: Cut down on paper clutter.
  • Keep Reusable Bags Folded in Your Car: Never be without one.
  • Install a Pegboard in the Craft Room: Easy to customize and change as needs change.
  • Prioritize: Focus on one area at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your perfectly organized home be.

There you have it—a comprehensive guide to turning your home into an organized haven. If you find that the task ahead is a bit too much to tackle alone, Just Organized by Taya is only a call away. Let’s bring peace and order to your home, one room at a time.

Stay organized!

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