Home Organizing Services For the Woodlands Area

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘professional organizer’? No doubt those popular TV shows about hoarders and very disorganized batchelors spring immediately to mind. But there is a lot more to what a Woodlands professional organizer does than that. We help those who are too busy, too tired or just too stressed to cope with dealing with the clutter themselves. In other words, people just like you.

What a Woodlands Professional Organizer Really Does

There is a lot more to being a professional organizer than simply heading out to a client’s home and setting up three bins that are designated ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘throw away’ (the common advice often given to people trying to get all their clutter in order) There is also more involved than making multiple trips to IKEA for new shelves and closets etc. Professional organizers are certified professionals who have trained to become that go to person who not only comes in and makes the clutter go away but also leaves their client with a solid plan to go forward with to stop it from coming back.

Is Hiring Someone to Organize Your Home Lazy?


There are some, who are not really familiar with what a professional organizer does that might say that hiring someone to declutter your home is lazy. Isn’t that something that everyone can – or at least should – be able to do?

The simple answer is no, for many people. It’s a skill, one that takes talent, training and a lot of patience and dedication. And ask yourself this; you’re a smart person, but would you have the time, or patience, to educate your own child alone (including calculus)? Or the skill to cut your own hair? Or make your own clothes? Calling in a professional organizer is no different than going to the hairdresser or to an accountant at tax time. You need a specific service done right, you hire a trained professional.

As professional  home organizers we bring a great deal to the table and much of it things that the average person simply does not have access to. We know the right closet companies, movers, junk companies, contractors, scanning companies etc. We have developed great relationships with reliable and appropriate professionals we know will get the job done right.

We also know interior design. Once the clutter has been cleared away, a new system has to be put into place, one that will make it possible for our clients to live their daily lives free of clutter for good, and that usually means changing the way their spaces look and function. We’re teachers too. While helping clients sort of their ‘mess’ we also take the time to offer solid organizing tips – ‘tricks’ even – that they can implement going forward, every day to keep things as neat and tidy as they are when we leave.

But we do more than just deal with the physical aspects of organization. We help with the ‘mental’ aspects too. We help our clients learn how to better manage their time and resources so that not only is their home or office better organized but their life in general too.