Color is the most powerful tool when it comes to non-verbal communication and the design element that makes space come alive. Color brings individuality into a space and it is one of the most useful tools to adjust when on a budget.

Color has a very profound effect on home decor, therefore, proper color usage will help you to create an attractive and organized feel throughout your home. Color is the most noticeable feature of every room and requires an artistic and stylish approach. Therefore, proper planning is needed when selecting appropriate tones for the walls, flooring, and furnishings and accessories. Warm colors will best suit in highly-interactive places like the kitchen and living room; similarly, for bedrooms and bathrooms, cool colors will be the most appropriate choice to produce a relaxed or calming vibe.

Just Organized by Taya’s  Houston color consultants will save you from making big color mistakes. Our skilled professional home design consultants are experienced in all aspects of interior decorating… including color etiquette and combinations. We will work with you and carefully analyze your entire home or office and then come up with the best color combinations for each room that suits your style.

How do we work?

Our professional Houston color consultant  will schedule a meeting with you first by phone, and then at your home or work space. We will discuss how your space will be used and then we determine what colors will make you happy, engaged, creative, hungry, etc., based on your home’s layout and formulate a color plan.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to create home spaces that are beautiful, functional and designed to be enjoyed. We will research the best color combinations for you so that you won’t have to pour over hundreds of colors. Our professionals will help you carefully analyze your entire home or office and then come up with the best color combinations for each room to suit your style.

These can be done by taking snapshots of the furnished space and then adding the color of your choice in the background. Using the latest in digital photography, we can also alter the light effects to provide day and night version of the room and give you a very accurate and detailed preview. After this, a follow-up meeting is scheduled to view the colors and make any needed adjustments. A task that would take you several weeks on your own is reduced to two or three meetings!

Contact us today at Just Organized by Taya for an appointment with your Houston Color Consultant .